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Space Week

Space week ran from Oct 4th to Oct 10th this year. We, in third/fourth class, invited Derek Dempsey to give us a talk and presentation about space. We were happy that he was able to come in to the school. He told us about the planets and dwarf planets in our solar system and showed us cool photos taken from space. We learned about Olympus Mons, the highest known mountain in the solar system. It is also a volcano and we had been studying volcanoes last week too. We learned that the red spot on Jupiter is actually a storm. It has been raging for nearly two hundred years!

We learned that some planets are made from gas and some from ice. We also saw a video about Cassini, a probe sent from Earth to study the far away planets. It was crash landed on Saturn last month after travelling since 2004. We then drew our own planets and named them and their moons.

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