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Tennis Court Renovations and Fundraising

Community Notice - Tennis Court Renovations and FUNDRAISING

A Flag Day will take place on Saturday, May 11, to raise funds for the completion of the overhaul of Newport Tennis Court. Volunteers are needed to act as collectors on the day; if you can spare an hour of your time please contact Fiona at 087 7918172 or 098 41442, or Anne at 087 2461813. Alternatively, please support the cause by making a donation.

Tennis Newport and Newport Development Company were delighted when they received sports capital funding to completely overhaul Newport Tennis Court. The site preparation works have already been completed with the removal of bushes and trees, mulching of branches and removal of the old fence. In addition, the perimeter of the court has been drained and stone has been installed to keep weeds etc at bay. New fencing, gates and netting are due to be fitted and resurfacing work will commence in the next few weeks. The new fencing will be a great asset being a metre higher than the previous one and made of a solid rigid design similar to the one at the Greenway Activity Park beside Newport NS.

The committee has been very successful in gathering monies through various sources to do all this work but one final fundraising push is required to complete the work in its entirety so please support the flag day as best you can.

There is no doubt that the court, when completed, will be another great asset to the town for the use of both locals and holiday makers alike. It will complement all of the other great outdoor facilities on offer in Newport and will help the local economy and businesses by giving visitors one more reason to stay in the vicinity. The tennis court is one of the key infrastructural projects listed under the Newport 300 celebrations. Things are changing in Newport and it is all for the better - onwards and up, let's keep the momentum going!

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