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Sports Day FRIDAY

We have checked the weather outlook for this week and, based on that, we will move our annual Sports Day from Tuesday to THIS FRIDAY 21st June.

Activities will take place at Burrishoole GAA pitch from 10am until 1pm. (many thanks to Brian and everyone in Burrishoole GAA Club for this). The children will return to the school afterwards.

To keep your children as safe as possible, they should wear their PE gear, with appropriate footwear for sports activities. If they wish, children can wear shorts. They should also be sure to wear sun screen, and a sun hat if they are prone to sunburn. We have arranged refreshments for the day, but your child could also bring an extra drink to keep well hydrated.

The following equipment will be needed:

  • Sacks/large bags for sack races

  • Old scarves/ties for three-legged races

  • Potato and spoon for ‘egg and spoon’ races

Make sure that anything you send in is easily identifiable so that we can ensure its safe return. Parents are most welcome to join us at the pitch. This year we will once again be holding a Parents’ Race, which will take place at about 12 noon.

We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to come and support your child and the school, and we are looking forward to a fun-filled day.

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