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6th Class Hoodies update

6th Class Hoodies

As almost everyone has now voted online, we can announce that the most popular designs for the front and back of the 6th class hoodies are as follows:

FRONT of hoodie (with 30% of the vote): Design 2

BACK of hoodie (with 40% of the vote): Design 4

THANK YOU everyone for responding so quickly to the survey and the request for signatures. As we now know the most popular design and have all signatures, you will be able to order your hoodie from TOMORROW TUESDAY. I will send out a link to the order form and you can select your COLOUR and SIZE. We will then be able to place an order with the supplier who requires 5 weeks' notice.

Once all of that is done, I will set up an online payment facility in Aladdin (so you will not be paying tomorrow, just ordering)

As there was quite a technical challenge in getting good sharp signatures, we have sent out the finished result by email - in case anyone wants to change theirs before the final one is sent to the supplier.

Thanks again for the great effort!

Claire and Fiona

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