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The Final Fence!

The Final Fence!!

Dear parent,

As we are now in the last month of the school year, children would normally be tested as a way of monitoring their progress. I have emailed the following to you:

  1. End of year.......English Assessment

  2. End of year.......Maths Assessment

I would really appreciate if your child would complete these. It is of vital importance that you do not assist them with these tasks.

Some areas they will be unable to complete as they were not covered to date. These results will help me to identify the areas that will need to be addressed in the coming year. It is expected there will be gaps to be filled in before embarking on the next stage of the curriculum. In a normal classroom, these tests would be carried out over a two day period.

Select a time that your child is alert and open to completing them. You have plenty of time, but I would suggest the sooner they are done and dusted the better for everyone!!

When completed, could you please post a hard copy (marked for my attention) to the school, where they will be put in their individual file.

I am currently writing your child’s School Report. My reports are based solely on your child’s progress up to 12th March 2020. Everyone has responded as best they could during the pandemic to remote learning. It was your prerogative as the parent to select whatever method best suited your household circumstances.

“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are absolutely right” (Henry Ford)

Berniece Connolly

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