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Field trip for 6th class

Sixth Class have been discussing national and local tourism as well as place names and meanings as Gaeilge.

On Friday 18th (which was a warm, sunny day!), we walked along the Greenway to Burrishoole Abbey which was founded in 1470. The class located the oldest gravestones including the Latin inscription dated 1623 on the O’Kelly altar tomb.

We also found the grave of Fr Manus Sweeney (inscription is in old Gaelic lettering) and found etchings of surnames the same as our own. We learned that the site should really be called Burrishoole Friary!

The class observed the still perfect wall structures, arch designs in the windows and some doorways and the tidal estuary by the Abbey.

We then walked to Grace Kelly Park to admire the many native trees and sat down by Newport Quay to eat our lunches.

In total, we walked approximately 11km and enjoyed the day immensely!


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