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Parent Association

Newport NS has a very active and engaged Parent Association. A new committee is elected each September, and all parents are encouraged to attend this annual meeting.

The PA supports the school in a myriad of activities (such as Pancake Day and Sports Day), and also looks after the pupil insurance scheme.

Current committee:

Chair - Lily Henry (deputy Chair Noreen Daly)

Secretaries - Heather O'Malley | Sarah Webb

Treasurers - Fiona Kelly | Niamh Lally

For all the latest, visit their page: PA NEWS



Homework encourages pupils to work independently and take responsibility
for their assignments. It is seen as a positive element of the child’s schooling.
All homework given will be of sound educational value, and no homework
will be given simply for the sake of giving homework or for punishment.

It is important that there are close links between parents and the school
with regard to homework.

Families are encouraged to take holidays during breaks in the school calendar.  Homework is not prescribed for children on vacation during term time.

Homework icon.jpg

Parents have an important role to play in (a) encouraging their child’s work, (b) observing their work, (c) looking over completed work. It would also be helpful if parents sign homework diaries.


The maximum time a child of average ability working consistently should take to complete homework assignments has been agreed for each class.

Children in junior classes may be given reading and writing activities and the parents are advised by the class teacher how best to support these.

  • Infant Classes – not to exceed 15 minutes;

  • 1st and 2nd Classes– not to exceed 30 minutes;

  • 3rd and 4th – not to exceed 45 minutes;

  • 5th and 6th – not to exceed 1 hour.


Pupil Insurance

Each year, we arrange 24 hour Pupil Insurance to all families.  This offers excellent cover and great value to parents, and covers them both in-school and out-of school. 

Click on the button on the right to get more information or to download a claim form from the Insurance Company's website

NOTE - From 2023, this will now be covered by the ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION

Arachasinsurance logo.jpg

School Bus

The School Transport Scheme supports transport to and from school for children who live more than 3.2km from their nearest school. The scheme is operated by Bus Éireann on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills.

New applicants should apply for school transport online by the last Friday in April before the new school year.

  • If your child is eligible for school transport and there is a suitable service available in your area you will receive an email requesting payment in early July.

  • If there is no transport service available, and you have applied by the closing date of the last Friday in April you may receive the Remote Area Grant.  Details of this grant are available on the Department of Education and Skills website at

  • Children who are not eligible for school transport but who have applied for transport on a concessionary basis may be accommodated if there is a suitable service available, provided there is spare capacity on the service and the appropriate charge is paid.

  • Cost is currently €100 per annum, payable online directly to Bus Eireann

  • When you enrol your child, make sure to tick the box marked 'school transport' on the Enrolment Application form

Infants and buses

School buses in Newport NS leave the school at 3pm daily. As children in Junior and Senior Infants finish school at 2pm they cannot avail of the school bus service except on days when they remain in school until 3pm (eg for after school classes such as Drama, Dancing or Fitness)


Pupils must wear school uniforms at all times.  Suitable footwear must be worn in the interests of safety. 

Our uniform consists of a white shirt, navy jumper/cardigan, grey trousers, pinafore or skirt, striped tie and dark shoes. 

Our school uniform is available in many local outlets in Newport, Westport and Castlebar. Ties can be purchased directly from the school for €3 each.

Pupils in the ASD Junior Explorers Class who are part of our Early Intervention programme do not wear the formal uniform, but wear navy tracksuit bottoms and plain white polo shirt

P.E. gear - Children wear blue polo shirts, navy sweatshirt and plain navy tracksuit pants on P.E. days only. We request that you avoid buying tracksuit pants which display a prominent logo, as this can add to peer pressure to conform with trends.  School track-suits for P.E. are available in many local outlets in Newport, Westport and Castlebar.

It is strongly recommended that jumpers and cardigans have an easily-recognised identifying label, preferably bearing your child’s name.




Pupils are vaccinated again Measles, Mumps and Rubella in Junior Infants. The HSE Public Health nurse will contact parents via the school in October/November each year to explain what is involved and seek your consent. While parents may wish to be present while vaccinations are taking place, in general the school would not recommend this - contact the school secretary with any questions you may have at the time.


Secondary School vaccinations

Parents of pupils in 6th class will find the following document useful. It explains the vaccination programme for second level schools.

(Click on the picture to download the guide)

It is also available online at

HPV TDap vaccine


Please don't be alarmed, but headlice are a fact of life in all schools. We recommend that you check your child regularly and treat as soon as possible if you see any signs of headlice or nits (eggs).

  • DO contact the school if you detect headlice in your child

  • DO treat as soon as possible

  • Check the HSE's own website for helpful tips and information



Each year the school asks parents to pay a small fee to cover:






The fee is:

  • €40 for the first child in a family

  • €30 for the second child

  • €20 for the third child

  • €10 each for any subsequent children 

The money is payable each September and may be paid in cash or securely online via Aladdin Connect

For 2023, we are now including 24 hour Pupil insurance (covered by Árachas) in the annual contribution


Got a problem?

Teachers of infant classes send notes to parents in a child’s zip-lock bag. Other teachers use the Homework Diary to communicate with parents. Parents may use either the diary or zip-lock bag to send a message to the class teacher. Please send in a note if you’d like to make an appointment with your child’s teacher.

If you have concerns regarding your child, please ring the school or send in a note, and an appointment to meet the class teacher will be given at the earliest opportunity. As you will appreciate, calling to the class without an appointment disrupts learning for all children.

If your issue remains unresolved, an appointment may be made through the school secretary to meet with the Principal.


Internet Safety

Do you know how to keep your child safe online?

If you would like to learn about ways in which you can keep your child safe online, WebWise offers sound advice to parents who would like to learn more about what children are looking at online and how to ensure they are safe.


Are you concerned about how much time your child spends on their phone/tablet/computer? Click the link below for some guidance on screen time. 


Lurtel gave a talk to parents on Internet Safety and cyber-bullying in November 2017.  To see the handout they prepared for the talk click the link below...



Dental Treatment

There are free dental services for children in Ireland who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Children under 6 years old

  • Children attending national school

  • Child dependents of medical card holders

  • Children not in national school under 16 years old

  • Children with special needs

Children in Ireland are entitled to free dental checks and care until they are 16 years old. Pre-school children can be referred for dental treatment from child health service and school health service examinations.

Public primary schools in Ireland participate in a dental screening program through which your child’s oral health will be examined.  This happens in 4th and 6th classes.  

Click below for more information...


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