School Lunches

School lunch icon_2.jpg

School Lunches are provided, free of charge, to all the pupils of our school. 

  • Closing date for placing your school lunch order was 20 December

  • New school lunches will commence on the first day of term 

  • For next term, the cheese triangles will be replaced by Moovers Chocolate Milk and we will review at the end of the term

  • Water is available from a water cooler in each classroom.  Children should bring their own drinking vessel and bring it home to wash. 

  • If you opt instead to send in a lunch from home, please make sure NOT to include products containing nuts and eggs (for example Nutella, mayonnaise etc.) as we have children with nut and egg allergies. 

  • Fizzy drinks and treats are not permitted as lunch items, in line with our Healthy Eating policy.

  • As part of our Green Schools policy, all packaging (including packaging from school lunches) should be brought home for recycling.