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Zoom Cookery Workshop

Ms Finnerty (in her capacity as Green Schools Co-ordinator) recently arranged a Zoom cooking workshop for Sixth Class.

Clare Patten of An Taisce and Audrey Crone, professional chef with Unilever, guided the pupils to create Asian-style rice paper rolls and dip.

Ms Finnerty managed to acquire a wonderful set of cooking equipment for the school, containing hot plate, blender, chopping boards, bowls, graters, garlic presses, speed peelers, paring knives and cutlery.

The pupils used lettuce and carrots (ingredients that some of them grow at home) along with rice noodles to fill the rice paper rolls (totally new foods to us all!) served with a delicious dip of soya sauce, sesame oil, garlic and honey.

Whilst the dish was not to everyone's palate, everyone tasted and tried the foods and the new experience was very enjoyable.


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