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1st Class visit Achill

Our Achill adventure

On Wednesday 23rd September, 1st Class boarded the bus at 9.30am all ready for their big adventure – a day trip to Achill. In groups, we visited the Deserted Village with our local guide Tomás. We were given the history of the village, consisting of approx 100 stone cottages, which were abandoned by their inhabitants over a period of time. These cottages were built from stone, however no mortar or cement was used to hold the stones together. Each house consisted of only one room and was used as kitchen, sitting room and bedroom. Even the cows shared the houses!

Next stop was the Achill Experience, Aquarium and Visitors Centre. Daniel, our guide, gave us a great insight into all the species of fish contained in their 16 tanks. Some of our favourites were the sharks, sea urchin, starfish, scallop, ray, blue lobster, clownfish (Nemo) and Pacific Blue Tang (Dory).

The beautiful sunny weather afforded us the opportunity to have a picnic lunch on Keel beach, following which we had a wonderful seashore study with Tomás.

A very enjoyable day was had by all and some very quiet (tired!) children and teachers boarded the bus for home!!


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