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Trip to the Marine Institute

So in the biology lab we got to see how old the fish can get with the microscope and we got to hold dead fish and see eels.

In the salmon pools we got to hold live salmon.

In the weather stations we got to see how they checked the weather manually and that Newport was the hottest place in Ireland for a few days last summer.

In the canteen we saw how they would tag the fish. A guy called Ross was working on developing a big scanner.

Then we went to the other table and we got to see salmon eggs and how they evolve.

In the dry lab we had to pick up little bugs and put them under a Microscope and try to find out what they are. I had a fresh water shrimp in my sample.


Marine Institute.

On Thursday the 1st of March our class went to the Marine Institute in Furnace. There were 4 groups in total; each group had a leader. Our group leader was called Annette. There were four stations; one was based outside and the other three stations were based inside. Scoil Phádraig N.S from Westport were there too.

Salmon Pools:

The first station that my group went to was the salmon pools. There were nine salmon pools with 4 thousand fish in each pool so there was a total of 36,000 salmon. In the bottom of each pool there was a filter which drains out all the fish waste and leftover foods. At the top of each pool there was a big plastic container that had loads of fish food inside it.


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