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Our Artwork at the Linenhall

UPDATE - The Linenhall will keep the artwork for 'The Young Prince and the Giant' on display in the Foyer of the Linenhall Gallery and Theatre until the END OF JANUARY, so if you have not been in to see it yet - now is your chance!

5th and 6th class had an amazing experience working with the Linenhall Theatre, 'Fighting Words' and Childrens Laureate PJ Lynch in September and October. Their project was to finish a story called 'The Young Prince and the Giant', found (unfinished) in a copy book from Skirdagh NS in the late 1930s. Each child helped to write the story and then they worked with PJ Lynch on the final illustration, which is on display in the Linenhall until mid-November.

... and what a treat that Aoibheann's grandfather Jim, who attended school in Skirdagh around the time the story was written, got to join them for their final workshop!

(photos courtesy of Alison Laredo)

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