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Fun in Ballycroy

Today we went to Ballycroy National Park.

First we went to a classroom and they showed us stuffed animals. There was an otter, a badger and all types of birds. Then we went on a walk around the bog and we saw all types of plants and insects. We found a caterpillar then we did the full lap of the Park.

We landed at a pond and we tried to catch some insects. We found a lot of them and we went back to the classroom where we coloured in some sheets of paper.

Then we did an exhibition where we tried to find the answers. We were like animals looking all over the place!

Eventually we found all the answers - it took a while until we got all of them At last we said we had enough time to find them. We were so tired when we came to collect our bags. All we wanted to do was go to bed!

We didn’t want to leave, we wanted to live there because it was so much fun. Sadly we had to leave. I’d recommend going here to all the families .Even my own family. I’m going to go home and explain it all.

Eoin Mulroy

Ballycroy national park was great fun.

We left at 9:30. I sat next to Hannah on the bus. When we got there we went to the classroom, there we learnt about native Irish animals such as badgers, foxes, otters and birds . Then it was time to go on the nature walk. The place we stopped at was to look at some plants.

T he second place we stopped at was to look at a piece of bog oak. Bog oak is when a tree falls down and the bog grows over it. We kept on walking. Another place we stopped at we got to see reindeer lichen.

Now it was time to get back to the classroom in the studio. In the classroom we ate lunch. Next we went to an exhibition. At it we saw lots of fake animals and facts about them. There was a cool light. It was in the shape of an eagle and it moved along the floor. We filled out a question sheet. We also filled out a post card. Some of the facts we learned were the biggest mammal in Ireland is a red deer.

We also caught bugs in a pond. The man that worked there caught a frog. Then it was time to go back to school, sadly. On the way back I sat beside Hannah and I talked to Grace the whole time too.

Ballycroy was a great experience I hope to

Go back soon!!!


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