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Defibrillator installed

The school has had a defibrillator in the building for a number of years now, and staff have been trained in its use. We have recently purchased an outdoor storage cabinet for it, with help from John Quinn of Newport Red Cross who sourced the correct specification for us. The cabinet and defibrillator are now located on the wall outside the new ASD classrooms (i.e. the OLD school hall), situated close to the GAP / Greenway Activity Park (Astroturf pitch & MUGA)

We hope the defibrillator is never needed, but if it IS required, and anyone needs to access it, the code is 1 1 1 1 followed by the green ENTER key, then pull the clear cover down by grabbing the sides

1 1 1 1 <ENTER> then pull by the side grips


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