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Town Design Statement

Architects Simon Wall and Noelle Angley of Mayo County Council held a very interesting workshop on Wednesday 28th Feb with the pupils from 5th and 6th classes.

The workshop is part of the Town Design Statement project for Newport which will culminate in a design statement and drawings for how the town might develop in terms of protecting its beautiful built and natural heritage while improving amenities such as parking, pedestrian crossings, public parks and social spaces.

The children were very engaged and had some wonderful ideas and suggestions for how the town might be improved.

"The 5th and 6th Classes were practical, considerate, intelligent and imaginative with their ideas for Newport's future. With such bright young residents, I am very, very optimistic for Newports future!" said Noelle Angley after the visit.

Both classes have now been tasked with doing up some designs and organising their suggestions to submit to the design team so we are looking forward to seeing them!

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