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5th Class School Tour

Here's what the pupils of 5th Class had to say about their school tour to Athlone...


Fifth class went to BaySports in Athlone . We did many water activities

and roasted some marshmallows on a fire. Later we arrived at

Golden Island to go shopping. BaySports was a lovely place for a tour

and was definitely the best tour EVER. Aoibheann


Bay Sports School Tour For our school tour we, fifth class, journeyed across Ireland to Athlone. There were many fun activities including a water park, bushcraft and fun games. It also had the biggest inflatable waterslide in Europe. After our fun in the Hudson Bay we went on a shopping spree in the Golden Island Shopping Centre. It was great fun. Liam


5th class travelled to Baysports in Athlone for their school tour. We did so many activities in and out of the water. The inflatables were gigantic and fun but really challenging .This was our favourite school tour so far. Our class as a whole really enjoyed it. We also took a quick visit to the Golden Island Shopping Centre for a quick browse in the shops. We all had a great time and we really would recommend it for any kind of special event. Hannah

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