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World Book Day in 3rd/4th Class

An extremely impressive effort was made by pupils in 3rd/4th Class

World Book Day March 7th 2019

Demon Dentist (Philip), Matilda (Ellie May), Armitage from ‘Ratburger’ (Melanie), Alberta from ‘Awful Auntie’ (Eve)

Tom Sawyer (Luke), Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series (Kian), Matilda (Caoilin), Myrtle ‘Fing’ (Caoife)

Matilda (Anna), Girl ‘The Magic Finger’ (Caoimhe), Mr Bump (Jake), Greg from ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ (Lucia)

Demon Dentist (Ellie), Princess Haya from ‘The Princess and the Foal’ (Hailey), The Cat in the Hat (Holly)

Terry Denton from ‘91 Storey Treehouse’ (Ríona), Max from ‘Battle Bugs’ (Vaughan), Anne of Green Gables (Alana)

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