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Aladdin Connect notifications

"I am not receiving Aladdin app notifications, how do I rectify this?"

In order to receive Aladdin app notifications, you need to make your phone is secure (pin/password locked). This is a security feature.

You also need to check in your phone settings that you have notifications enabled for the Aladdin connect app. This would be the same as enabling notifications for any app on your phone, but the procedure may differ per phone.

Once this is enabled for the Aladdin app, you can click on the menu option within the app, then on switch account, and then on the security settings on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Within security settings choose personal device and press done. Now when you next click into your account you should see a page to verify your phone number etc.

If you are still not receiving Aladdin notifications after this, please check that you have not switched off notifications on your phone.

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