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Homework 1st Class

1st Class Parents,

To further help you and your child engage in education from home, Folens have agreed that you, the parent, can access our school’s online resources FREE OF CHARGE.

Details of how to log in have been sent to you via email and are also available on the Aladdin Noticeboard

As there is an abundance of resources to overwhelm you, I think it is advisable to select two areas of focus, Literacy and Numeracy.


Starlight Programme First Class. Click on Combined Reader to access your child’s schoolbook.


Planet Maths First Class Programme. Click on ebook to activate your child’s schoolbook.

Homework Summary:

  1. Mental Maths: Continue daily exercise (Mon.- Thurs.) and complete Friday Test on Friday.

  2. Spellings: Continue spellings list ( Mon.-Thurs.) and give them their spelling test on Friday. (List after “ou” words)

  3. English: Go to page 42 in Starlight Combined Reader section. Unit 5b. “Waiter, There’s a Dog in My Soup”. Complete one page daily.

  4. Maths: Go to page 130. Planet Maths ebook. Addition and Subtraction. Complete one page daily.

The above is some practical material to tackle, and the children themselves are familiar with the format. I hope this goes some way to enabling your child to continue engaging with the curriculum.

Yours sincerely,

Berniece Connolly

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