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a message from principal Bríd Chambers

Dear Parents and Children,

I hope that you are all well as we finally reach the official end of the school year.

Our children have saved countless lives by the sacrifices that they have made over the past three months. The school community is rightly proud of the way Covid-19 was stamped out through the vigilance of our people.

We know that the emergence of this new virus will change how we do things in the future. I am however very optimistic that we will open our school to all our classes as planned in September. We will take precautions and you too, will be asked to support Covid procedures. We have posted a working policy on our website. Just today Remdesivir was conditionally approved by the EU regulator. This medication, is produced in Ireland by Gilead Sciences and has been shown to have a positive impact on the virus in recent trials.

Remote learning has been difficult for everyone. Parents were asked to double and triple their workload while children had to deal with lots of work without the joy of friends and the usual classroom interaction. A very positive revelation is how much the majority of children enjoy school life with their friends and school staff. We have a warm relationship with our students and we really missed them too.

Thank you for your cooperation during the year and particularly during lockdown. You have earned a rest from the regular routine and I would like to wish you all a great summer break. We are really looking forward to coming together in September. For the pupils of 6th class who will not be returning to us, we wish you every success and happiness as you move on to second level education.

Emails will be monitored daily up to 10th July and weekly thereafter, if you need to contact the school for any reason.

We have lots to celebrate in Newport when we look at our mountains, the bay and our lovely town which has been granted funding for further enhancement. The future is very bright indeed!

Bríd Chambers

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