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Online payments

Once again, we offer the option of paying your school bills securely online via Aladdin Connect.

Although the annual school supplies bill is not due until September, many of you like to pay your bills early so we have set up payments for those who wish to do so. Some things to note:

1. If your total bill amount is greater than €80 - you should still ONLY PAY €80 as this is the maximum amount we expect families to pay. To do this, simply pick an amount for each child that totals €80 (eg €40 for 1st child, €30 for second child and €10 for third child). Your bill will then be marked by the school secretary as fully paid

2. You can also choose to pay in instalments - simply put in the amount you wish to pay and once the bill is paid in full it will be marked as such.

3. If you prefer to pay in cash, we are happy to accept cash (or cheques) at the school once we re-open in September.

If you are not yet set up for Aladdin Connect (eg you are a parent of a new infant) you will receive an email in the coming weeks explaining about Aladdin Connect and how it helps connect you securely with the school, so do not worry, we will be in touch!

Have a lovely summer!

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