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A message from Principal Brid Chambers

Dear Parents,

We are all settled well back into work after the very welcome Halloween break. 

Some of you got in touch to see how we might manage the storage of winter gear. Teachers are happy for you to send in the wellies in a bag which can be left hanging on the child's coat hook in anticipation of the days which might be rainy. 

We had originally decided to send out a written report instead of the usual parent teacher meeting. However teachers feel that a two way communication system would be more beneficial. With that in mind teachers will contact parents by phone throughout the term to give a progress update and to consult with parents. If you miss a call do not worry as the teacher will be in touch again at a later date. No one will be left out of the process. Thank you for your kindness and patience as we navigate uncharted waters.

We will continue to emphasise wellbeing in each classroom as we deal with the effects of level 5 restrictions. Children will continue to learn in the outdoor environment when possible. We have received very positive feedback from children regarding their enjoyment of school when they are taken into the outdoor classroom for learning.

Wishing you a safe passage through this restrictive stage.

Kind regards,

Bríd Chambers



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