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A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your continued cooperation and adherence to Covid-19 protocols. Thankfully, spread has been reduced by rapid testing and isolation. You are to be commended for the way you have responded to this pandemic.

Thank you also to our staff who are so committed to keeping pupils safe while in their care. So far, we have not had one incident of the virus being transmitted through school based contact. School led contact tracing has been suspended. Teachers however, are calling on the Minister to have this system reinstated as it was rapid and effective.

Please continue to keep symptomatic children at home. Also, it is essential always, that there is a contactable adult who will collect a child from school when necessary. Contacts in Aladdin Connect should be updated now to reflect any number or address changes. We do not want a situation where we try to call to notify a parent of a situation and find that telephones are not working.

At school, antigen tests are available to all staff. Mask wearing continues indoors. Children are taught in pods in senior classes and we have staggered breaks on the yard.

As I was concerned that we might experience a cold snap, we purchased 10 state of the art air purifiers and have installed them in the classrooms that were presenting ventilation challenges, based on the readings from the CO2 monitors. These purifiers contain HEPA filters and UV lamps which clean air and reduce the incidence of airborne viral spread. They don't ventilate a room, thus the need for continued ventilation via open windows etc. Filters typically require replacing every 9 -12 months. The units themselves are energy efficient and "intelligent" i.e. they adjust settings based on air quality readings. They are an important additional risk mitigation tool in our fight against Covid.

As reduced social contact is recommended, Parent teacher meetings will take place by phone. We will not have Christmas gatherings this year.

We are mindful that there has been unexpected fallout for families from this very challenging pandemic. It is important that you do not feel isolated or alone as we approach the middle of winter. Chairperson Joe McGovern and the Board of Management encourages you to get in touch with me confidentially, to seek support for any issues that concern either you or our pupils. We will do our best to help or offer advice.

Kind regards,


"If we can winter this out, we can summer anywhere" (Séamus Heaney)

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