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Bird Feeder workshops

As a little THANK YOU to our pupils from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Classes, who started wearing masks in the school this week and did so without hesitation or complaint, we invited Michael Chambers, head guide of Wild Nephin National Park, to give them an outdoor workshop on how to build a birdfeeder from everyday items such as milk cartons, broken cups, and how to make and make bird feed from grated fat and cheese. They got some fantastic advice and learned so much about the bird wildlife all around us here in Mayo, particularly in the national park right on our doorstep

We would like to thank Michael for his time, and his passion for biodiversity, which shone through in every workshop. He left us with some of the birdfeeders he had made and we are looking forward to seeing how much the birds enjoy their new dining venue!


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