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Cash For Clobber

The Parent Association, busy as ever, are organising a Cash For Clobber collection to raise funds for the school.

We are asking children, parents, grandparents - and the whole community - to contribute their used or unwanted clothes.

The PA will then receive payment, based on the weight of the clothing collected.

As well as clothes, they will also accept shoes (pairs only), hand bags and belts, but NOT pillows or duvets

There is more information on the flyer attached.

The textile recycling company TCR will collect the bags from the school on

Tuesday 21 May

Next week's mid-term break offers a great opportunity to clear out those wardrobes and put used or unwanted clothes in bags for a good cause. Bags can be dropped at the school in the week leading up to the collection (but not before then please)

We will be back in touch closer to the time to give specifice dates & times for drop-offs

In the meantime, have an enjoyable mid-term break and start bagging those clothes!

(and THANK YOU TO the PA committee for organising this for the school)

Guide for Parents and Guardians ROI
Download PDF • 213KB


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