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Exploring Brackloon Woods

Aidan, Sean, Shane Mc and Shane C had an AMAZING day exploring Brackloon Woods on Wednesday!

With the help of expert guide Ged Dowling of Terra Firma Ireland, they even ventured off the pathway to find mushrooms, lichen, leaves, real shamrock and lots lots more.

They learned SO MUCH - how holly trees only have prickly leaves at ground level to protect them from being eaten by animals like deer; how in the past people used the bark of certain trees as kindling for making fires; and how you can EAT shamrock leaves!

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Ged for his guidance on our big adventure - he really made it extra special!

(and of course a big thank you to our intrepid Explorers who conducted themselves so well and really enjoyed their day in their 'Outdoor Classroom')


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