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Free books for pupils and annual contribution

Good news!

There will be no book and copy lists sent out this year as we have purchased these items for the children under the government's new Free Books Scheme. Children will receive their books, copies and basic stationery supplies when they return to school after summer.

The usual annual costs of school administration, art & craft supplies, science & IT supplies, printing and photocopying however are still present and, unfortunately, the grant will not cover these costs, which have seen significant price increases. The annual contribution we ask for from parents helps to cover some of these costs. In previous years it has also covered book rental, which is no longer necessary thanks to the new Free Books Scheme.

This year, to offer parents the best possible value for money, we are now including 24 hour PUPIL INSURANCE in the annual contribution. This is usually a separate charge for parents and would normally cost €7 per child. Details of the insurance cover are available on the downloads page of this website.

In summary, annual contribution now covers

  1. Pupil insurance,

  2. Art and craft supplies,

  3. Science and IT supplies and

  4. Printing and photocopying

The 2023/24 Annual Contribution is as follows:

First child €40

Second child €30

Third child €20

Fourth and subsequent children €10

The contribution is due in September, and you will be able to pay securely online via Aladdin Connect from early August.


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