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Guitar Lessons

Renowned musician and music teacher Chris O'Malley will return to the school this term.

He will give GUITAR LESSONS to children after school from 3-4pm on THURSDAYS

The class will be open to children from 2nd Class upwards. This is because younger children's hands are unable to reach the strings and fretboard comfortably and can become quickly frustrated.

For anyone interested, classes will start on THURSDAY 30 SEPTEMBER, and classes will cost €5 each, which children can pay directly to Chris

I will set up a permissions group in Aladdin which you can use to indicate if your child is interested in these guitar classes, and that you give consent for them to stay late on Thursdays to attend. That permission list will help us to control numbers and will also become an attendance sheet for Chris to keep track of attendance and maintain good Covid protocols.

Children should bring their own guitars to class each week.


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