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New camera in the swift box

Thank you to Lynda Huxley of Swift Conservation Ireland, who gave us a brand new camera over the weekend for one of our swift boxes. The old camera had become very blurry and grainy, so now we can see inside the next box much more clearly.

The swift boxes - six in total - were first installed in 2015 and, at first, only blue tits and swallows made their nests there. Then, in 2021, our first pair of swifts took up residence. Named Adam and Eve by the children, it caused great excitement, and we have had swifts nesting every April, May and June since then.

We do our best to attract swifts to the nests by playing swift bird sounds from a speaker above the nests. The speaker was installed in 2020 by parent Ronan Moran, and this is obviously working a treat!

Fingers crossed for this year...


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