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Poem for 6th class

At our lovely graduation ceremony on Monday evening, Mr Browne read out a poem he had composed about the children of 6th Class who are leaving the school to go to Secondary School...

(photos to follow)

6th Class poem 2023
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6th Class 2023

A great year is over, eight years at an end

Their school- going journey, is now at a bend

New schools awaiting, with tense bated breaths

With these wonderful children they’ll have no regrets.

Ella and Orlaith are two of the best

And Donough and Shauna are great, I attest.

Muireann and Tima are lovely and kind

As are Dara and Katie and Ronan you’ll find.

What a fantastic group – each girl and each boy

Growing up quickly, try not to cry.

Alannah and Seán, Dawn, Ciara and Kyle,

The best kids in town, by a long country mile.

Annamaria, Shane Kelly, Hannah, Mackenzie

The hype that they generate have us all in a frenzy.

Charlie, William, Winnie and Ellie

Their future in lights - stage, screen or telly.

Aidan and Yehor, Fia, and Grace

So smart of mind and so kind of face

Shane Carolan, Natalie, Dylan and Cari

Working so hard, yet happy as Larry

The best class in town, you can chalk that one down,

Smiling so sweetly, with rarely a frown.

School tours - Cú Chulainn – no fears did abound,

Except for the teachers, safe on the ground.

Christmas Play this year, Goldilocks hauled away

Bears can’t be trusted, the jury led astray.

Such wonderful acting, both girls and boys.

Oscars in the future would be no huge surprise.

Quiz wins and golf wins and art, dance and song

Winners by nature, they won’t go far wrong.

A highlight for me with a smile and a laugh

Was a 5 a side victory for myself and the staff.

The children did well, but soon had their fill

Of Ms Doherty and Martin scoring at will.

Sixth Summer Sale, a triumph, a treat,

Organised so smoothly, without skipping a beat.

This class are amazing, so proud you should be

They are a credit to you, as we clearly can see.

Our Swift chicks, their nests they are ready to leave,

Like 6th classes wings that will take to the breeze,

Fly high and onwards, stay focused, stay true,

Look after yourselves like we looked after you.

Your time here is over, we now set you free,

To live, love and learn and see who you will be.

Eóin Browne

June 2023


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