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Rice College CAT4 Assessments

To parents of 6th class boys,

Further to my email yesterday about assessments for Rice College this Saturday, we received the following message from the their principal Michael Rabbette

(Please note it includes a link to a google form which he is asking parents to complete)...




Dear Principal,

I hope this correspondence finds you well. 

I emailed all 6th class parents last week who enrolled in Rice College for 2024/2025. I have been informed that this email has ended up in spam in some cases. The email outlined that our screening assessment (CAT4) is on this Saturday, 27th April 2024. 

I asked Parents and Guardians to complete this google form

If you could send this out on your platform, I would really appreciate it and apologies for burdening you with this.

Many thanks,

Michael Rabbette

Rice College


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