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School Lunches

You can now place order for school lunches for next term - click HERE for the order form

Orders should be placed by 20th December 2020 and those submitted by that time will commence on the first day of the new term (ie Wed 6th January).

UPDATE - As the cheese triangles were not a popular option with the pupils, we have replaced them with a 200ml carton of chocolate milk (relatively low in sugar). If the chocolate milk proves popular next term, we will extend the choice for the final term to include other flavours (strawberry and banana).

Once an order is submitted it will remain in place to the end of the term. You may change your order by simply submitting a new one before 20th December. If you wish to place or change your order after that date, you will need to contact me by email ( or by phone (098 41442)

If you have more than one child in Newport NS, you should submit a separate order for each child.


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