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Science Ireland on YouTube

DECLAN HOLMES of Science Ireland will be doing a live show on YouTube tomorrow Wednesday 17th February at 11:30am, just for the pupils of Newport NS!

To make the most of the show, it will be helpful for the children to have the following items with them when they watch...

  1. a sheet of paper (A4)

  2. scissors,

  3. a sheet of card (a cereal box will do) and

  4. a straw

Also from tomorrow, you will be able to watch a second Science Show, and this will be a Supermarket Science Show by 'Scientific Sue' of Science2Life. It will be available to watch from tomorrow right up to Sunday, and you can choose a time to watch that suits you best.

The link to this show will be sent tomorrow. In the meantime, there is a shopping list below for this second show so that you can (if you wish) get the ingredients for your child(ren) to have ready for it (don't worry if you can't get all the ingredients).

So, for tomorrow Wednesday, the children should have their paper, scissors, card and straw ready for 11:30am and just click on the link above. Then over the coming days, you can choose a time to watch the second show, and in the meantime, get your supplies in !


Supermarket Science Show Shopping List
Download • 163KB


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