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Swifts nesting!

We were thrilled to spot that a pair of swifts have made their nest in our birdboxes! Thanks to explorer Sean who spotted them first, and to SNA Eithne for the photos.

It is five years since we first installed the birdboxes and cameras, with help from Lynda Huxley of Swift Conservation Mayo who provided the boxes and cameras, and parent Ronan Moran who helped us with the cabling. Each year we have had blue tits nesting there but never swifts - until now!

The swift is on the amber list of birds of conservation concern in Ireland because its population has declined by over 40% in the last 15 years. Conservation actions like the external bird boxes at the school help to recover this declining population.

Swifts come to our towns every year for just four months, arriving in late April and leaving in late August. These are four important months because they are coming here to breed and so ‘here’ should be considered their home.

Welcome to your new home!

UPDATE: The children have been suggesting names for our new nesting swifts, so we have set up a little online competition to make sure everyone's suggestion is recorded, and we have a small prize for the winner. Click below to enter your childrens suggestions...


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