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4th Class enjoyed a fascinating historical walking tour of Newport with local historian Joe McDermott.

Our class went on a historical walking tour of Newport with Joe McDermott, and this is what we learned...


Thursday, the 15th April.

We went on a history tour with Joe McDermott. In the playground, he told us about Captain Pratt, Medlicott and the linen industry. Then up to the viaduct we went!

Brian Rua predicted that an iron horse would carry the dead bodies to Achill.

Fr Manus Sweeney spoke French to the French soldiers and was captured and hung in 1799.

Brian Rua also predicted that there would be a church built up on the hill upon which he was sleeping. That came true and the stained glass windows in the church were made by Harry Clarke. He was halfway through making them when he died.

It was a very interesting tour.

Grace, Fia, Dylan, Shane, Dara, Katie & Dawn


Thursday the 15th.

Brian Rua was a prophet. One day he was sleeping on the hill near the river and he had a dream that there would be a church built where he was sleeping. He also had a dream about an iron horse on rails. The first train would bring 31 drowned bodies from Newport to Achill and the last train from Newport to Achill would carry burned boys.

300 years later, these tragedies actually happened.

Cari, Alannah, Annamaria, Mackenzie, Muireann, Kyle & Seán


Thursday the 15th 2021

Boats used to bring wool, fish, cattle, wood and linen out of Newport.

The first street built in Newport was Meddlicott Street.

Clew Bay comes from the Latin language and Roman numbers.

Brian Rua slept on the hill the church is on and also predicted it would stand there one day.

The O’Donnells wanted to keep their big house so they changed their religion because Catholics weren’t allowed to own big property.

Natalie, Ciara, Hannah, Orlaith, Donough & William.


History Tour.

Captain Pratt started the town in the year 1720.

Clew Bay was named after the Roman numerals for 154.

Brian Rua was asleep on the hill. In his dream, he was told there would be a church built where he was sleeping. He also dreamed that there would be an iron horse that breathes smoke and that the first and last journeys on that iron horse would carry dead bodies.

Fr. Manus Sweeney was hung in 1799 after people reported him for speaking French with members of the invading French army

Ella, Ellie, Shauna, Ronan &Charlie


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