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Silver Circle starts 1 March

Each year, we are grateful for your generous support of our Silver Circle fundraising draws. You can be assured that every cent raised is put to good use. In 2017, the funds raised helped to finish and kit out our wonderful new school hall. In 2018/19 we carried out essential drainage work to alleviate flooding in the school yard. This year, the monies raised will provide furniture for two new classrooms which will be completed in 2020. We also need to upgrade lavatories and provide accessible WC.

Each week for 5 weeks we hold a draw from all cards returned and each week we have FIVE WINNERS, who win €100, €50, €50 , €40 and €40 each - a total of€300 each week for 5 weeks.

First draw takes place THIS FRIDAY 1st March at 9:30am - pls make sure you have returned your card and payment or you cannot be included!


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