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Irish Cancer Society Donation

Before the Easter break, 6th class had an Easter fair. We raised 940 euro. We donated 470 euro to the Irish Cancer Society. A representative from the Irish Cancer Society came to our classroom to collect the money. Her name was was Lorraine. She talked to us for a while about her job in the Irish Cancer Society. She gave us book marks and told us how to keep healthy and cancer free.

11 ways to keep healthy and cancer free:

1. Do not smoke.
2. Avoid second-hand smoke.
3. Be a healthy weight.
4. Be physically active every day.
5. Have a healthy diet.
6. Avoid alcohol
7. Avoid too much sun.
8. Be aware of Pollutants.
9. Steer clear of Radiation.
10. Get vaccinations.
11. Get screened for cancer as and when appropriate.

She told us how much they spend in research to cure cancer. Through eight years they spent 20 million and the class was very surprised at that. Lorraine told us that 100 people in Ireland a told they have cancer in a day.

The Irish Cancer Society are not paid by the government so they rely on us to support them .

We wont give up

till cancer does

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