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Order your 6th class hoodie

6th class parents and pupils

Now that we have our design and our signatures all sorted, pupils can start placing their orders for their very own 6th class hoodies, using the link at the end of this post.

As I mentioned yesterday, we are under a bit of time pressure to have them manufactured and delivered by the end of term, hence the speed at which we are progressing. We are not asking for payment at this stage. I would ask that all orders are placed by 6pm Thursday 14 May.

Once I have all the orders in, we can then relax a little and you will have plenty of time to complete the payment, which we will do safely and securely through Aladdin Connect.

Some points to note:

  • You will find sizing information on the order form.

  • We can only use one colour for all printing, so the printing on all hoodies will be in WHITE - please bear this in mind when choosing your hoodie colour as the white printing tends to look better on the darker/stronger coloured hoodies.

  • When you place your order on behalf of your child, you are agreeing to the price of €25 for the hoodie (price includes postage to your home address) and you are also consenting to the use of your child's signature on the hoodie.




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