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Chicks in the birdbox!

As you know, we have six birdboxes on the school's north facing wall (ie the one facing Rosmore) and two of these boxes have cameras installed so we can observe any activity. We hope some day to attract swifts, which are becoming endangered in Ireland, but are happy when any species decides to make their home there.

On a rare trip to the school to check post today, I spotted that one of the birdboxes is now home to some chicks, being fed by mother and father. They appear to be blue tits (not swifts), though I am not enough of an expert to say for sure - please email us if you can confirm!

I couldn't see the chicks themselves as they are too small and right at the back of the birdbox, but will keep a close eye on things and report their progress.

Life carries on, even in these challenging times!


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