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Empowering parents talk


We thought you might like to hear about an upcoming talk on Empowering Parents, which will take place in the Mariner Hotel Westport on 20 September...


Empowering Parents Talk, hosted by Westport Family & Community Resource Centre, West Mayo Child and Family Support Network and Mayo Community-based Family Support, Tuesday 20th September @ 7pm, The Mariner Hotel.

This talk is relevant to parents of both children and adolescents.

The topics being covered are based on family and community workers engagement with parents and young people over the last number of months. We wanted to cover areas where parents and their children are struggling, offering them relevant information, advice and insight.

Dr. Mary O’Kane

Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

Parenting is often seen as the most high-stakes job of our lives, and many of us seek perfection in the role. But to be the best parent we can be means being human. While we should be caring and empathetic, we do not have to be faultless. In this talk Mary outlines why a picture-perfect parenting style does not produce the results we are aiming for. Instead, she explains how we can use connection with our children to build resilience and wellbeing.

Jannah Walshe, Adolescent Counsellor

Understanding Your Teenager’s Emotions

An introduction to emotions for teenagers. Managing your own emotions and the impact on your teenager. Sustaining the different relationships within the family and parental self-care. The talk will help you find the balance and connection between your own and your teenager’s emotions, and the importance of sustaining the relationship with your teenager whilst living with challenging behaviours.

Putting on your own mask first!

Please note places are limited and we ask that people only register if they are certain they will be attending so as not to waste any places on the evening.


Leanne Barrett

Westport Family Resource Centre



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