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Student Council Vote

Results from the Student Council School Vote

The results are in!!!

The student’s council representatives have been very busy preparing the first school vote in Newport National School. The School Council met with Mr. Browne to discuss the topics raised by their classmates on many issues such as school lunches, games, books, fundraising, break-times, uniform and many more.

The Student’s Council then decided to put the three most popular ideas to the school to vote on. They were:

1. More Books

2. More Fundraising

3. More outside and inside games

The children in each class were then asked to vote for their favourite. Each child was given a sticker. ‘One Sticker, One Vote!’. And the winning initiative that the children voted for is ...

More outdoor and indoor games!!!!

A big thank you to 6th class and Ms. Forrestal who are helping to fundraise money to buy new equipment and toys for outside yard time. The Student’s Council have lots more fun ideas to help raise more money for outside and inside games in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!!!


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